Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Features

It’s time to see what Volkswagen has changed in its latest lineup of Golf GTIs. This hatchback has always been a forerunner in the compact car market, but the latest design has snagged the top spot, according to US News and World Report. While many drivers have always liked the Golf GTI, it’s the 228 horsepower and fuel efficiency that really stand out for this affordable small car.

VW has changed a few things in the performance package for the new Golf. You’ll find that it’s faster and feels more powerful with very little vibration. You’ll like the responsive steering and smooth handling as well as quiet cabin, which is stupendous for a hatchback. The fuel efficiency is the best part. You’ll get over 40 mpg in this compact car.

With a slick-shifting six-speed automatic transmission, you can also get manual transmission for the performance enhancements. Ready to see the Golf for yourself? Why not stop by Volkswagen of Sioux City to get Volkswagen deals?


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