Great Convenience in the Design of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas

People who are expert designers think about the purpose behind the design. For one thing, they believe that the design that is functionally sensible is going to be the one that is most aesthetically pleasing. This can be said for the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas with the convenience in functionality as well as the boldness in its appearance.

For the functional and alluring design of the 2019 Volkswagen, you have the power liftgate. This is a hands-free option that allows you to more easily place your items inside the Volkswagen Atlas. When you are packing everything, you just have to kick your foot out under the rear bumper of the vehicle and then the liftgate will open.

The liftgate also has a remote feature that allows you to open it with the key which will unlock the liftgate and open it even before you get to the vehicle.

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