Volkswagen Golf: Intelligent and Efficient Hatchback

The Volkswagen Golf has a major appeal to drivers from Sioux City, IA who prioritize safety and efficiency on the road. Volkswagen of Sioux City offers more than 10 active safety options for this German-made model, which is powered by a fuel-saving turbocharged engine block.

Up to seven stability-optimizing technologies are available in the VW Golf. For instance, the Electronic Stability Control responds to a wide range of disrupted mechanical parameters in real-time. Wheel slip is quickly corrected by the ESC, which works in tandem with other traditional electronic features that are fully synchronized.

The Electronic Brake Pressure Distribution system engages the front and rear brakes at optimum levels. When it comes to active safety, this small VW hatchback has plenty to brag about, such as the Front Assist that's tuned for modern urban cruising. For example, this signature function will help you stop in front of a crossing pedestrian or behind a decelerating vehicle.

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