The engine is made up of a sophisticated combustion system. This system dissipates a lot of heat when you are driving around Sioux City, IA. Because of this, a cooling system is present to remove the heat from the engine. When there is a problem with the cooling system, it will cause your engine to overheat. This can cause serious irreparable damage to your engine.

To help prevent your engine from overheating, our team at Volkswagen of Sioux City wants you to know what may cause the problem in the first place. This is why your engine is overheating;

Lack of Coolant in the System

Driving your vehicle without enough coolant will most likely cause heating problems because of inadequate cooling of the engine block.

Leakages in the Cooling System

This is a common problem that is caused by faulty cooling system fittings. When the coolant leaks, your engine will overheat because of reduced cooling efficiency.

Water Pump Not Function

The water pump is used for circulating the coolant in the engine. When the water pump is not functioning properly, your engine will overheat.

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