Premium Volkswagen Arteon Design Features For Assured Comfort And Convenience

Sioux City drivers who are looking for a sleek, sophisticated fastback will love the all-new Volkswagen Arteon. This undeniably attractive automobile is rich with features that promote both comfort and convenience. At Volkswagen of Sioux City, we're excited to help shoppers learn more about this car's innovative design.

Open Your Trunk Without Having To Fumble For Your Keys

When your hands are full, you won't have to set your packages down to find and use your keys. You can open the Arteon's trunk by simply passing your foot under the back bumper with your keys in…


The Redesigned Volkswagen Jetta

The Jetta remains popular among compact sedan enthusiasts. Easy to handle and great fuel economy are but some of the vehicle's positive aspects. The cars are ideal for driving urban roads on a daily basis. The latest models have been redesigned and are available at our Volkswagen of Sioux City location. See them and take a test drive.

The exterior is sleek and sporty but elegant. Sharp lines accent all sides of the vehicle. The aerodynamic profile slopes downward and into the rear spoiler. Polished chrome embellishes the front grille and each headlight. LED head, tail and daytime running…


Safety and Security at Forefront of Volkswagen Tiguan

Safety and security are at the forefront of the Volkswagen Tiguan. This popular compact SUV delivers the options and standard features that you need to feel protected every time you hit the streets in Sioux City and wherever your travels may take you.

The Tiguan is engineered with maximum passenger safety in mind. The innovative front and rear crumple zones absorb the harmful energy of a collision while the durable safety cage deflects the force away from the passengers. In the event of a collision...


Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Features

It’s time to see what Volkswagen has changed in its latest lineup of Golf GTIs. This hatchback has always been a forerunner in the compact car market, but the latest design has snagged the top spot, according to US News and World Report. While many drivers have always liked the Golf GTI, it’s the 228 horsepower and fuel efficiency that really stand out for this affordable small car.

VW has changed a few things in the performance package for the new Golf. You’ll find that it’s faster and feels more powerful with very little vibration. 



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